Advanced Security for Your Backup Data

Encrypted data trasmission

Always Encrypted

Your data never leaves your computer in unencrypted form. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer and is never transmitted or stored in unencrypted form. Even if an unauthorized person gains access to your files, the contents are scrambled and cannot be interpreted without your encryption key.

You Own The Key

The key used to encrypt your data is in your possesion only. The encryption key is never sent to the Rhinoback server. No one, not even a Rhinoback employee or network engineer can decrypt your data. Your encrpytion key is like a password to your data and is configured and stored on your computer only.

Advanced Encryption Algorithms

Rhinoback defaults to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt your data. You also have the choices of Twofish and DES.

Physical Security

All building entrances require card key access. Data Center floor and secured areas are accessible by authorized personnel only. Guards on site 24/7/365. Active patrols both inside and outside the facility. Closed-circuit cameras cover inside and exterior of building, all entrances, alternate workspace, and data center floor.

See our Rhinoback Security Statement (pdf) for more information regarding data security.